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We are Dealers in Japanese art and antiques, as well as wonderful
Japanese inventions not available in the Western World. We will try
to carry regular items, and occasionally find great unique objects
that will be treasured by all those who love history and fine pieces
of artisan talent. All products we sell are from Japan.

Please bear with us as we begin to collect and sell high quality art
and artifacts. If you would like to email us with your thoughts,
please do so . We look forward to your interests.

When ordering, please quote the item number and the quantity you want.
Shipping cost (and tax if within Canada) will be added and quoted in full
to you before requesting payment. Generally shipping in Canada is cheap
and slightly higher in the USA. Other countries may vary. We will use Canada
Post for shipping. You may request air mail (5-10 days depending on the
country) at a premium rate. (Rings and links page)




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